Alstom Foundation Project - Sudan: Empowering women to protect the environment

Objective: involve women in the rehabilitation of the environment in areas affected by displaced people

The land in some parts of rural Sudan has been severely damaged by the passage of hundreds of thousands of refugees and displaced people. The gathering of wood to use as fuel, for cooking or other uses, has particularly been damaging. Meanwhile, opportunities for women to earn a living in the refugee camps are often scarce.

The Alstom Foundation, in partnership with Ahfad University for Women, is financing a project that will:

  • provide solar cookers and gas stoves to curb the loss of trees
  • training to 1,000 women in sustainable reforestation, nursery techniques, tree planting, and agro forestry
  • establish seedling nurseries in homes and villages.

Key Facts:

Location: Rural Sudan

Beneficiaries: women in refugee camps

Duration: 1 year

The Ahfad University for Women is a private, non-sectarian university for women located in Omdurman, Sudan. Founded in 1966 by Professor Yusuf Bedri, the goal of AUW is to prepare women to assume informed leadership roles in their families, communities and the nation. AUW works to achieve this goal by offering high quality instruction with emphasis on strengthening women's roles in national and rural development and achieving equity for women in Sudanese society.

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