Tanzania: EGG Clean Electricity Provision

A sustainable and creative approach to use solar panels providing electricity to more than a 1000 people. 

90% of rural Tanzanians lack access to electricity, therefore the Foundation teamed up with ‘Egg-energy’ (a start-up company) and sponsored a large project in the Munfindi district.This mission focuses on electricity access for one orphanage and two schools, located in three remote villages around the city of Iringa. 

The first stage of the project was to provide electricity to an orphanage thanks to solar panels connected to batteries granting power to personal computers for schoolchildren (connected to the Internet) and lighting buildings.

The second stage of the project is to provide electricity supply to two nearby schools. The work is due to begin after the rainy season.   The initiative delivered 900 watts of power to the orphanage and will deliver 1.5 kW to the schools. The project also aims to supply five personal computers to the orphanage and 40 to the schools, granting an easier access to the Internet raising the general educational knowledge together with the children’s computer skills for later employment value. 

Moreover, a charging station for mobile phones and batteries was installed :  it can be used by the community generating revenues to take care of the maintenance of the electrical equipment, adding to the sustainability of the project. 


Location: Moyo Kwa Moya
Kibengu, Mufindi district. 

Beneficiaries: 600 students in the Ilagambe and Kibenga schools and 200 children in Moyo Kwa Moya. 


Partner EGG-energy-LogoEgg-energy is an American start-up dedicated to deliver power to low-income African households. The energy is clean and affordable using a unique strategy based on portable rechargeable batteries.

Camara is an organisation based in Tanzania and provides IT training for teachers. The name means ‘teacher’ in the Bantu language 

Sponsor: Valérie Joly
Promoter: Adrien Gaynard

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