Tanzania : Electricity for 18 schools in Iringa

Electrifying 18 schools thanks to solar energy, using business model in rural Tanzania. 

This project is an extension of a pilot project that Alstom Foundation launched in 2012 with EGG Energy in 2 schools and 1 orphanage. 82% of Tanzania's population still does not have access to electricity.

The Foundation teams up again with EGG Energy to electrify 18 schools in Iringa Province, starting from October 2014. Through this project, The Foundation strengthens Alstom's commitments to contribute to education and renewable energy in the emerging countries.

This project not only aims to improve the access to sustainable solar energy at local level, but it is also designed to empower 18 local schools with advanced facilities and services as needed to ensure the quality of education. It will also strengthen the local community by providing them new services such as charging station for mobile phones and batteries, and providing venue and electricity for local community gathering activities at night.

It is important to note that the funding provided by Alstom Foundation is a seed fund. All 18 schools are expected to pay back the installation cost, using income they generate from services they provide to their community, within 2 years through a remote controlled "Pay-as-you-go" system. After 2 years, the repaid fund will be used to build solar panel system for 18 more schools in Tanzania.


Location: in and around Iringa

Beneficiaries: 200-500 pupils/school


Partner EGG-energy-LogoEgg-energy is a start-up dedicated to deliver power to low-income African households. The energy is clean and affordable using a unique strategy based on portable rechargeable batteries.

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