USA: Dedicated nature play venue for children with autism and sensory disorders in Brevard Zoo

About 1400 children with autism and special needs visit the Brevard Zoo in Florida each year. Currently it is difficult for them to fully experience and enjoy all that the Zoo has to offer due to accessibility and sensory obstacles. Brevard Zoo proposes to create a dedicated learning and recreational venue designed to accommodate youth aged 4-16 with autism and other special needs in an environment that is accessible, safe and welcoming.  They will be able to meet animals and explore nature without the distraction of other visitors.


Location: Brevard County, State of Florida, USA

Duration: 5 months


Partner NGO: Brevard  Zoo – East Coast Zoological Society of Florida

Sponsor: D.L. Mckay – VP F&M - Melbourne

Promoter: C. Williams – Exec Assistant – Melbourne 

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