Vietnam: Bamboo boats Phase 2

This is the phase 2 of a pilot R+D project to develop a bamboo-based solution for boats in a region where wood is scarce and expensive. First pilot tests took place in Bangladesh and the research now continues in Vietnam. Next steps will be to complete tests and build a prototype. The project includes an important collaboration component with the local community: an information campaign combined with appropriate incentives will be orchestrated to encourage the carpenters and the community to use this new material and help the Watever Association to adapt it to their needs.


Location: Phu An Village, Vietnam

Duration: 1 year


Partner NGO: Watever-Seatizens

Sponsor: Ph Veyrunes – Strategy Dir. STO

Promoter: D.V Dung – CD Vietnam 

Vietnam: Bamboo boats Phase 2

© Watever

© Watever

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