The Alstom Foundation helps local communities improve their standards of living while protecting their environment by supporting a wide range of initiatives that :

  • contribute to social and economic development
  • provide access to energy and water
  • help gain access to mobility
  • preserve the environment

The Foundation seeks projects that can be sustained long after its funding has been dispersed.

International aid

The Alstom Foundation has a discretionary fund for emergency responses which has been used to assist the victims of natural disasters:

  • in 2016, the Alstom Foundation has contributed funds following three natural disasters in Italy (earthquake), in the Philippines (typhoon) and in Ecuador (earthquake). Click here to find out more.
  • the Gintung reservoir collapse in Ciputat, West Java, Indonesia
  • the Ajka alumina sludge spill in Western Hungary
  • the Victoria floods in Australia
  • the 2011 earthquakes and tsunami in Japan

Alstom and Corporate social responsibility