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Alstom welcome’s publication of Government’s UK Gas Strategy


Alstom today welcomed the publication of the Government’s UK Gas Strategy.

The Strategy fills the one remaining gap for the energy industry to consider future investments, following roadmaps and plans for renewables, CCS and nuclear.

The Strategy rightly highlights:

• Gas generation is essential for energy security, affordability and in helping the country make initial progress towards power sector decarbonisation.

• The UK needs a balanced approach to energy. As part of that, gas will continue to play a major role in the electricity mix over the coming decades alongside low carbon technologies.

• The flexibility gas generation can bring to the energy system will be increasingly important as less flexible power sources take a greater share of the generation market.

• There could be up to 26 GW of new gas plant by 2030 to meet higher electricity demand and to replace old coal and gas stations.

• CCS on gas plants will be necessary if we are to achieve our long-term decarbonisation targets.
Steve Burgin, UK President said: “We welcome this clear gas strategy that complements the UK’s strong renewables, nuclear and CCS commitments, all of which drive us along the pathway to an affordable low carbon economy.”

Alstom has built around half of the UK’s current gas generation capacity, with the company’s GT26 gas turbines featuring in the Pembroke, Langage, Staythorpe and Grain power stations. 

Alstom is also currently developing CCS technologies for gas generation which will be crucial for the long-term viability of gas plants as the UK heads towards power sector decarbonisation by 2030.