Our solutions for infrastructure

Preparing infrastructure for the future
In the next two decades alone we will witness the building and rebuilding of hundreds of new cities, airports and seaports, and hundreds of thousands of kilometres of highways and railway tracks to accommodate this booming population.

Recognising the importance of working responsibly to maintain the integrity of the ecosystem, Alstom Grid aims to be a partner in this unprecedented infrastructure growth.

Infrastructure and transportation: connecting people, places and objects
Mobility and connectivity are the predominant characteristics of modern societies and economies. People, goods and information move more easily, to more locations and in greater numbers and volumes than ever before.

While infrastructure and transportation networks have grown significantly in response, these still need to be further expanded to ensure that sufficient capacity is available where it is needed, when it is needed and at a reasonable cost.

In the forthcoming decade, trillions of euros have been allocated for investment in emerging economies including China, India, Brazil, Russia, Turkey and Central Asia to provide critical infrastructure such as roads, rail, undergrounds, seaports and airports.


Our  fields of expertise: 

  • Integrated design and delivery of complete electrical distribution systems
  • Project management
  • System engineering
  • Cost-effective and customised solutions
  • Installation support
  • Start-up and commissioning
  • Total system responsibility
  • Comprehensive service, including training