Meeting today’s needs without compromising tomorrow

Alstom is a global player committed to economic and social development. The Group takes action by providing a wide range of innovative and environmental-friendly technologies and solutions, to meet energy and mobility needs, without endangering the future.

By 2050, about 9 billion people will call the planet home, and 70% of them will be living in urban areas. Current transport and energy infrastructures depend heavily on fossil-based energy sources, generating greenhouse gases and pollutants, and representing 75% of all energy consumption. These infrastructures will need to change in order to avoid long-term impacts on the environment, health and climate change.

A combination of solutions, made possible through the implementation of innovative technologies, offers the best hope to tackle these challenges, as no single solution can take on the burden. With 60% of the infrastructures, which will supply the world’s energy and transport needs by 2035, being conceived today, it is essential that sustainable technologies are developed and implemented into our plans.