Corporate Social Responsibility, what does it mean?

Watch our animated series on corporate social responsibility.

What is an eco-city? How do you put the environment first in the design process? How can CO2 be captured to help fight climate change?

Our animated series answers these questions, while giving you a glimpse into how we’re shaping the future in a responsible way.

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What is an eco-city? What will tomorrow's sustainable cities look like? How will they work more efficiently to provide for ever-growing populations?

For Alstom, ethics is definitely a commitment on which the Group refuses to compromise: the film shows you how.

How can we reduce global reliance on the car as a mode of transport? What can we do to reduce emissions from transport in general? 

How are products like the people using them? How are we limiting the environmental impact of our products at the design stage?

How does responsible sourcing of materials aid sustainable development? How can working in partnership increase revenues and help the environment?

What does our commitment to social responsibility mean? How do we work with communities, eco-systems and economies to improve the way our business works?

Does the greenhouse effect sound familiar? How are we currently helping reconcile the growing need for electrical energy with the fight against climate change?

How can we help preserving  the environment and the well-being of their persons by constructing eco-friendly buildings ? What is an eco-building ? Find out with concrete examples

How exactly does a hydropower plant work? How do we innovate in order to optimise the way in which it generates the power needed to ensure economic growth and social development while mitigating its impacts? 

How can companies continue to promote progress around the globe while rising to the challenge of achieving sustainable development? The video shows solutions proposed by Alstom.