Learning at Alstom

Learning is a cornerstone of Alstom’s people strategy. Because our people are at the heart of our business, developing their potential is a priority for the Group. We recognise the direct link between learning, building communities and self-fulfilment and realise that increased competency means greater self-satisfaction and higher performance.

Alstom is committed to the personal and professional development of all its employees:

  • offering high quality learning and development programmes
  • promoting the “life-long learning” approach
  • encouraging employees to be active in the management of their own development

Sector programmes

Based on the needs of our three Sectors or particular business requirements, training is developed with the business in mind and in accordance with identified development needs.

Technical training is also available to ensure that all our employees remain at the leading edge of our technology.

Alstom University

Alstom University is a cross-Sector organisation that gives our people the necessary knowledge and expertise to contribute to both Alstom’s and the individual’s success. 

Alstom University offers top quality programmes that are rolled out right across the Group. Carefully chosen expert partners –universities, external consultants and internal specialists - collaborate on these programmes.

A wide range of training methods are used, including classroom-based learning, distance learning, seminars, workshops, simulations and events.

Alstom University has much in common with a regular university. It is a place that imparts instruction, training and knowledge, but also where you learn about new and innovative ideas and processes.   

To be closer to Alstom people, the University headquarters in Paris is relayed by Regional Campuses in Asia, Europe, India, Latin America and North America. Everyone benefits from the same quality education across the Group, while meeting specific cultural needs.
As the work and lifestyles of our employees change to adapt to a global environment, so do their training needs. New methods make it easy to access education when and where it’s needed. Alstom University encourages the development of these new methods through the creation of “edutainment” products. 

Distance learning offers a wide variety of Sector and business related courses, as well as training in foreign languages through pure e-Learning and virtual classrooms.

Alstom University continuously looks towards the future and new perspectives. Video learning, a learning style for fast-paced workers, is another type of learning at Alstom University. In 2010, Alstom University developed Alstom University Tube, a peer video streaming portal dedicated to education. Through Alstom University Tube, our people are encouraged to share their best working practices, knowledge, skills and expertise with the entire Alstom community in a fun and interactive way through self-produced, instructional videos. The interface is available in several languages.