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Alstom offers a wide range of state-of-the-art, high quality switchgear components and associated services: contactors, isolators, DC high-speed circuit breakers, 22CBNG AC vacuum circuit breakers, vacuum contactors, changeover switches, multifunction units and energy metering systems.

An extensive range

Alstom’s extensive range of standard high quality switchgear components and solutions offer our customers safe, reliable, cost effective and service proven solutions.

Alstom’s switchgear solutions include:

  • Contactors (pre-charge contactor, line contactor, permanent magnet motors isolation, rail segment protection) with nominal voltage: 1,000 V, 2,000V, 4000 V on AC or DC network, and current rating: 60A - 250A, 1,000A - 1,600A
  • Isolators (for trains & rail segment) with nominal voltage: 1,000V, 4,000V on AC or DC network, and current rating: 250A , 1,200A
  • DC high-speed circuit breakers with various voltage ranges: 750 V, 1,500 V, 3,000 V, for thermal currents going from 1,200A to 3,500A
  • 22CBNG AC vacuum circuit breakers: 25kV, 1,000A
  • Changeover switches
  • Multifunction roof units
  • Energy metering solutions

Designed and validated for customer applications

Switchgears can be supplied:

  • for extreme temperature range variants: -40°C, + 85°C, high humidity
  • for on board applications and ground applications
  • as case mounted and stand alone “in box solutions”

 Alstom can provide the right solution for your application.


Alstom applies eco-design principles to its developments including energy efficiency, noise and vibrations reduction, use of clean and recyclable materials.

We also update our product range with optimised solutions for low lifecycle cost.

Innovation and experience

On-going development programmes combined with Alstom’s years of experience both at product and train system levels provide our customers with proven technology solutions.

Full range of products and services to meet customer expectations

In addition to the supply of these switchgear components, Alstom also offers a complementary range of services including:

  • Off-the shelf products for train and ground applications
  • Dedicated product developments to meet specific needs (such as performance, volume, mechanical-electrical-pneumatic interfaces, standards…)
  • Product maintenance and repair
  • Spare parts
  • Maintenance support on customer sites (test benches, training sessions…)


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