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Attractis, integrated tramway system

Attractis is a turnkey solution that has all the benefits of a full tramway system with optimised costs and lead times. It provides a long-term, comfortable and safe answer to cities growing mobility needs.

Attractis operates Citadis, the tram reference for modern urban solutions, at the core of multiple city renewal projects.

Fast entry into service

The time to commercial service for a typical 12 km long line is just 30 months, greatly limiting the impact of work on the urban environment.

Attractive costs

Thanks to Alstom’s unique expertise in delivering all subsystems, Attractis is designed to optimise acquisition costs and the total cost of ownership while maintaining high-quality passenger service. 

Innovation in information technology

Attractis adopts ITxPT (Information Technology for Public Transport) open IT architecture, compliant with the CEN standard EN13149/7/8/9. It allows interoperability between IT systems, harmonises the integration of multimodal urban transport systems and provides innovative mobility services.

An expandable system

Attractis offers a highly modular solution that can boost capacity to 14,000 passengers per hour and per direction using the infrastructure already in place.

An improved passenger experience

Attractis is a champion of accessibility and offers maximum comfort to each passenger: 100% low floor, real-time information, large doors…

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Attractis, integrated tramway system