Alstom in Hungary

Alstom is the manufacturer of the metro vehicles for the M2 and M4 metro lines of Budapest, thus one of the largest suppliers of guided transportation sector of Hungary.

Alstom is one of the world’s leading Multiple Unit (MU) manufacturer, and excels in interlocking, signaling and European Rail Traffic Management System (ERTMS) equipment development, manufacturing and deployment.

Alstom TIS in Hungary 

The Information Solutions division of Alstom – through its legal predecessor- has been present in Hungary since 1989. Its main profile includes the validation and verification of special, safety critical rail transportation softwares which is performed by an expanding number of dynamic experts (engineers, IT experts, programmers) having at least 8 years of international experience, and by considerable supplier network. The safety and signaling systems developed in Budapest, operate successfully all over the world in railway traffic control and in passenger information systems.

Key People

Zoltán Gallatz
Budapest Metropolis Consortium
Customer Director

Gyula Novák
Managing Director
Transport Information Solutions (TIS) Budapest 

Partnerships in Hungary

Alstom in Hungary is continuously expanding its extensive network of partners.

Our professional partners in Hungary

  • EU CLG - Corporate Leaders Group on Climate Change
  • JVSZ - Joint Venture Association
  • MAGEOSZ - Hungarian National Association of Machinery and Power Engineering Industries
  • Hungarian-French Chamber of Commerce and Industry
  • Swisscham Hungary  - Swiss-Hungarian Chamber of Commerce
  • WBCSD - World Business Council for Sustainable Development in Hungary
  • MEE - Hungarian Electrotechnical Association
  • ETE - Scientific Association of Energy Management
  • MFGI - Geological and Geophysical Institute of Hungary
  • KTE – Hungarian Scientific Association for Transport
  • BME - Budapest University of Technology and Economics – Silver Supporter
  • Kandó Kálmán Faculty of Electrical Engineering at Óbuda University – Partner of Innovations 

Our civil partners in Hungary

  • Lions clubs Hungary
  • Hungarian Gymnastics Federation
  • Roma Civic Association

Our commitments

As a leading international, as well as a local company with significant presence in the domestic transportation market, we are committed towards providing high-tech, reliable and efficient products and services in Hungary.

Through our commitment to continuous innovation and the development of new technologies, we ensure that our customers have access to the latest state of the art equipment, processes and services.

Alstom puts emphasis on transparency, trust and quality whenever it undertakes to engage in any activities with its customers, partners or employees.