Alstom booth discovery at InnoTrans: Design

Live from InnoTrans 2016 in Berlin, we show you Alstom's booth, it takes you on a journey through the 4 main stages of a railway project. First stage is: Design.

Avelia very high-speed train of the future 2016

Avelia high-speed trains

Avelia is Alstom's modular range of high-speed and very high-speed trains ensuring high speed journeys while guaranteeing comfort and security. On our InnoTrans booth, a fun configurator with 3D mock-ups offers to visitors the possibility to see the flexibility of the range: all the variants of the Euroduplex, the Avelia Liberty, the AGV and the Pendolino.

Attractis, integrated tramway system

Attractis is a turnkey solution that has all the benefits of a full tramway system with optimised costs and lead times. It provides a long-term, comfortable and safe answer to cities growing mobility needs.

Axonis, turnkey light metro system

Axonis is a metro system able to carry between 10,000 and 45,000 pphpd which is easy to insert into a city, quick to build and driverless – all of which leads to optimised investment, operation and maintenance costs. The system is designed to run on an elevated viaduct, in tunnels or at street level.

Our configurators

At InnoTrans, we showcase our configurators on iPad. Thanks to them, our customers can easily configure their fleet of Citadis X05 trams, Metropolis and X'Trapolis trains.