Coradia iLint 

A world premiere, Alstom has unveiled its zero-emission regional train for which it had signed in 2014 Letter of Intents with the German Landers of Lower Saxony, North Rhine-Westphalia, Baden-Württemberg, and the Public Transportation Authorities of Hesse. The new train can be seen on Outdoor Display T6/40.

Prima H3

Prima H3, a modular shunting locomotive

Come and meet the robust and environmentally-friendly Prima H3 locomotive, on outdoor display T1/16. The Prima H3 hybrid is designed to provide operators with the most suitable solution for shunting and short mainline services. Based on its innovative three-axle design which copes with both low maintenance costs and operational performance, the Prima H3 hybrid allows fast speeds, best-in-class traction effort and reduced track wear. The Prima H3 hybrid is able to operate in an emission-free mode and to generate up to 50% diesel fuel savings.