Alstom Booth Discovery at InnoTrans: Renew

Live from InnoTrans 2016 in Berlin, we show you Alstom's booth, it takes you on a journey through the 4 main stages of a railway project. Fourth and final stage is: Renew.

Bogie modernisation

Modernisation offer 

Alstom’s great experience as integrator, designer and manufacturer makes it a renowned expert in rail modernisation adapted to all phases of the trains' life cycle, that can last about 40 years.

Alstom's modernisation solutions for operators keen to upgrade their fleet cover interior and exterior design, replacement of electronic components and the installation of next-generation traction systems, ensuring enhanced reliability and performance, and significant energy savings.

Rocky Mountaineer

Rocky Mountaineer project 

A great example of train car design modernisation : Alstom services helped rebuild 6 tourist cars of the prestigious Rocky Mountaineer's SilverLeaf Service, in Pacific Northwest and Canada. The rebuilding of the 60-years old cars will extend their lifetime by at least 10 years and provide 300 additional new seats to the SilverLeaf Service capacity


ITCS: resignalling to increase trafic density  

Also showcased at InnoTrans 2016, the ITCS (Incremental Train Control System) solution for freight and mining allow vital virtual signalling for harsh and remote environments in order to increase transport capactity.


Circular economy and recycling

Alstom is proactive in design choices to favour recyclable materials and anticipate end-of-life. On the Alstom booth, we explain to visitors how recycling and circular economy are key elements of the design process. The latest ecodesign developments allow high recyclability rates: trains are now 92% recyclable and 97% recoverable (including energy recovery).