Recognised rules and procedures

Alstom ensures that its efforts systematically reflect best practices in terms of compliance and ethics standards and regularly reviews and audits its Integrity Programme.

Maintaining the highest ethics standards

Since 2009, Alstom is engaged in a certification process of its anti-corruption policy. These efforts include a dedicated internal audit plan of E&C processes and outside certifications of our Integrity Programme. In 2017, Alstom has obtained ISO 37001 certification on Anti-bribery Management Systems, an international best practice standard applicable to organisations of all sizes, private or public.

A thorough and rigorous process

The certification has been attributed following a complete and rigorous evaluation of the anti-corruption programme and of its implementation. The company underwent the certification audit conducted by AFNOR on March and May 2017 at seven sites in France and Europe, and has obtained the first AFAQ ISO 37001 certification awarded by AFNOR Certification in June 2017, confirming its commitment to fight corruption.