Recognised rules and procedures

Alstom ensures that its efforts systematically reflect best ethics standards by having ETHIC Intelligence, one of the main independent certification agencies that specialise in anti-corruption programmes, certify the Alstom's Integrity Programme.

Among the highest ethics standards

Since 2009 ETHIC Intelligence has awarded Alstom a number of certificates for its Integrity Programme after on-site audits and interviews on the design and effective implementation of corruption prevention policies by accredited and independent auditors from the Swiss company SGS.

A thorough and rigorous process

Certification is attributed following a complete and rigorous evaluation of the anti-corruption programme and of its implementation.

ETHIC Intelligence first helps Alstom to evaluate its Integrity Programme and its parameters. The Integrity Programme's implementation is then audited within Alstom by a team of accredited and independent auditors.

Results from the audit are closely examined by the committee made of highly reputable experts whose members are well known in the field of anti-corruption compliance. The committee takes the decision to award or deny the ETHIC Intelligence certification.

Each anti-corruption certificate that is attributed is published and validated by a document that specifies the object, the composition of the evaluation committee and its perimeter. Certification requires sustained engagement.

The certificates

The Alstom Integrity Programme was attributed an "Anti-corruption Compliance System Certificate" in 2011. Alstom was the first company in the CAC40* to receive this certification which confirms its constant efforts to strengthen and develop its ethics policy. In May 2014, Alstom was awarded a renewed certificate following an audit undertaken by SGS.

The certificates attest to the programme's deployment and pertinence related to specific corruption risks within the Alstom's activities.