A culture shift by training

Alstom employees reflect the company's commitment to ethics and compliance. When conducting business on Alstom's behalf, they are responsible for ensuring that their conduct and that of those reporting to them fully comply with the Code of Ethics and all applicable Instructions.
Employees can refer at any time to our Code of Ethics, to the Alstom's Instructions and to a number of resources that are made available on Alstom's intranet. Training is central to adopting good practices and developing ethical conduct.

Combining face to face and distance learning

All the employees are made aware of the Alstom's Integrity Programme on their arrival within the company.

The Ethics & Compliance training offer comprises comprehensive compliance sessions regularly held throughout the Alstom by the Ethics & Compliance Department. Face to face training sessions are dedicated to delivering deep knowledge and appropriate conduct to employees potentially exposed to difficult professional situations. Distance learning is based on several modules.

The e-Ethics module aims at ensuring that employees understand the principles of the Code of Ethics. It is based on practical business scenarios. The e-Ethics module is mandatory for Managers and Professionals. The "Sourcing & Procurement Compliance" modules provide background on the risks of non-compliance in the Sourcing and Procurement functions, and further information on Alstom policies and procedures. For all distance learning modules, a Certificate of Completion is awarded to the trainee right after the quiz is correctly answered.

Key resources accessible to all employees

Alstom's intranet site provides key resources and information about E&C. A practical guide to the Code of Ethics is also available to all Alstom employees through the intranet-based e-learning programme e-Ethics.

To ensure that employees are well informed, Alstom regularly feeds the Ethics & Compliance reference section with information on the prevention of corruption as well as a clear summary of the Alstom's commitments.

A complete set of links to a selection of reference materials on its intranet site is updated.

Regarding anti-corruption, Alstom advises its employees to refer to regional and international conventions, to the principle NGOs in the sector, to government authorities and to principle money laundering prevention organisations. Alstom's presence in a number of countries means that the company is exposed to various regulations and cultural practices. So that each employee can easily have access to information that is relevant to the country in which he or she operates, Alstom provides reference sheets that explain anti-corruption issues, international engagements and regulations for countries where Alstom does business.