A strong culture of ethics and compliance

A strong culture of ethics and compliance

A reference shared by all

Alstom has a Code of Ethics that applies to every employee. The Code of Ethics was reviewed, updated and last published in January 2016.

First published in 2001, it has since been regularly completed and supplemented. The Code of Ethics is distributed to all employees and is given to all new hires. These rules are also shared with Alstom's external stakeholders so that the Alstom's practices are known and unambiguous.

Our Code of Ethics outlines Alstom's engagement. It is designed to promote honest and ethical conduct with all stakeholders: customers, suppliers and contractors, competitors, shareholders, governments, regulatory authorities and the public.

Every employee is accountable for respecting the principles and rules of the Code of Ethics. It is each individual's personal responsibility to exercise their activities with loyalty and integrity. Managers, whose responsibilities go beyond those of employees, have to set a good example of ethical conduct, to promote this attitude and to be vigilant in preventing, detecting and responding to any violation of the Code of Ethics. They are required to protect employees who report violations.

Our Code of Ethics prescribes fundamental rules of conduct, relating in particular to full compliance with laws, regulations and requirements in all countries where Alstom operates; prevention of corruption and prohibition of all unlawful payments and practices; competition compliance and prohibition of agreements with competitors; internal control and disclosure of information, to ensure the quality and reliability of financial information; and the relationships with sales partners, consulting companies, and joint ventures and consortiums.

Our Code of Ethics addresses several topics so that each employee knows which irreproachable behaviour to adopt. It lays the emphasis on the way Alstom deals with customers, suppliers and contractors, sales partners, government and other public procurement contracts, export controls and trade restrictions, money laundering, conflicts of interest, gifts and hospitality, political contributions, charitable contributions, and sponsorship.

The Code of Ethics is available in:

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