A strong and permanent commitment to ethics

Alstom, over recent years and due to its global activities in a number of complex markets, has sought to affirm its integrity, its reliability and its responsibility by engaging in an ethics and compliance initiative.

Alstom values transparency, integrity and loyalty. Alstom has invested a great deal of effort in the deployment and integration of ethical rules across the organisation. The company has drawn up the Alstom Integrity Programme in order to formalise its strong and permanent commitment and to diffuse a culture of integrity within Alstom, yet a company of reference in the field of ethics and compliance.

The values and the commitment are upheld by a number of initiatives that include:

  • An Ethics & Compliance Policy;
  • Our Code of Ethics;
  • Very strict Instructions governing Alstom's business relationships;
  • A community of E&C Ambassadors, all volunteers coming from the Legal, Finance and HR functions. Their main role is to run E&C Awareness sessions and to be a point of contact for any questions about Ethics & Compliance;
  • Regular training and information updates;
  • A policy requiring that the Alstom's methods are certified;
  • Partnerships.