A strong culture of ethics and compliance

A strong culture of ethics and compliance

An organisation and a network

Ethics & Compliance stands as a top priority for Alstom. Respecting the Alstom's rules and values is at the core of all employees' actions and is a top priority for Henri Poupart-Lafarge, Alstom's Chairman and CEO, as well as for the Board of Directors.

The Ethics & Compliance team is responsible for the Alstom Integrity Programme, aiming to implement the culture of integrity as well as the application of all the rules in relation to Business Ethics and Personal Integrity.

The Ethics & Compliance team promotes and explains Alstom's culture of integrity, ensuring that the highest standards of integrity and ethics are applied throughout the company. Special care is dedicated to ensuring compliance with international and national laws and regulations and with Alstom policies. The team is proactive in the prevention of all illegal activities and unlawful payments.

The team reports to the Chief Compliance Officer and defines the Alstom Integrity Programme. It also promotes the Programme's implementation within Alstom and monitors that it is applied around the world. The Ethics & Compliance team has a wide scope of intervention. It covers primary fields of action:

  • Prevention of corruption;
  • Relationships with business partners: sales partners, suppliers, contractors, consulting companies, joint ventures and consortiums;
  • Conflicts of interest;
  • Charitable and political contributions;
  • Gifts and hospitality;
  • Facilitation payments;
  • Sponsorship.

The team reports directly to the General Counsel and is independent and autonomous in its fields of action. The Chief Compliance Officer has direct access to Alstom's Chairman and CEO, and to the President of the Board's Ethics, Compliance and Sustainable Development Committee.

The Ethics, Compliance and Sustainable Development Committee (EC&S Committee) reviews Alstom's policies on ethics and compliance matters and the systems and procedures in place to carry out these policies and provides the Board of Directors with its views. The Chief Compliance Officer is secretary for all matters related to Ethics & Compliance.