A world of possibilities for our employees

Being a company that wants to deliver sustainable solutions also means that we need to attract the most talented people in every area - engineers and technicians, lawyers, procurement and sales people, project managers and financial people who share our commitment to environmental sustainability.

We offer many of the careers that are in demand today. The opportunity to work on large infrastructure projects where you can make a difference, personal and professional development by working internationally and abroad, and an innovative culture with great diversity of both people and tasks. 

A proof of that we are an attractive employer is that Alstom in Sweden was designated as "the super rocket of the year" in 2013 when we took a big leap on the engineers ranking of the most attractive employers, according to a survey by Universum, the Global Leader in Employer Branding.

Diverse career possibilities

The diversity within Alstom includes activities as well as countries and people. You can move between different departments, develop your professional role and find and create your own career path, including internal training and development programs for employees who want to reach managerial or specialist positions.

Alstom has a large network among universities both for collaborative research and by offering internships and thesis projects. We are also very proud of the limitless global career opportunities we offer. However, you don’t have to work abroad to gain access to an enriching dynamics of people and cultures - it is available at most of our plants and offices, and in the cooperation between employees in different parts of the world.

Balance at work, and in life

We have a strong drive to be an employer where you are happy to stay for a long time, and for more reasons than just career opportunities. Being able to combine a qualified professional role and career with family life and hobbies is natural today – at Alstom, we see life balance as a prerequisite for being able to feel good and perform on the job. Therefore we want to give our employees the best possible conditions for a modern career with work-life balance.

Apply here

We regularly post recruitment ads on LinkedIn. You are welcome to search for open positions there, or enter your CV for future reference on  www.alstom.com/careers.