Alstom Zero Deviation Plan

Sustainability achieving zero severe accident

Our first target is to prevent accidents and eradicate all severe accidents. This can only be achieved through a strict and daily control of High-Risk activities, wherever we operate, in manufacturing sites, in depots, in testing activities and in construction/installation sites and whoever is involved, Alstom employees or contractors.

Alstom Zero Deviation Plan & Safety directives

A single and stringent approach to safety for the entire Group has been developed to focus on high-risk activities and protect all our employees and contractors worldwide from the risks they may face.
11 Safety Directives have been defined, each one focusing on one High Risk Activity. For each AZDP* Directive, a “Life-Saving Rule” summarizes the content in a way that is simple and easy to remind for all.
Alstom adopts a Zero Tolerance to Deviation approach regarding High Risk Activities.

Compliance to safety directives

Compliance with the Critical Requirements of AZDP Directives is compulsory across all Alstom sites.
All our units/projects worldwide regularly self-assess their compliance to AZDP Directives.
A centrally managed 3-year audit plan is deployed to assess compliance with the Group requirements. Results are regularly reviewed by Alstom Management.

(*) Alstom Zero Deviation Plan