Learning at Alstom

Learning is a cornerstone of Alstom’s people care strategy. People are at the heart of our business, that’s why developing their potential and competencies through learning experiences and career opportunities is a key factor of our global success.

We believe that there is a positive and significant relationship between motivation and performance, and that having opportunities to learn is part of this motivation.
Developing all our employees is part of our “People Management cycle” which guides our managers in empowering their teams. For each employee a training plan is designed annually with his/her manager and HR and put into action throughout the year.

What Alstom offers to contribute to these development plans are: 

  • high quality learning and development programs
  • various ways of learning approaches
  • support to employees empowerment and autonomy in their development through specific actions like mentoring or coaching

Internal and external Learning Central Offer

Alstom Central Offer proposes top quality and mostly customized programs. 
Carefully chosen expert partners – universities, external consultants and internal specialists - collaborate on these programs.

A wide range of training methods are used, including classroom-based learning, distance learning, seminars, workshops, simulations and events.

Additionally, our distance learning offers a wide variety of courses, as well as training in foreign languages through pure e-Learning and virtual classrooms.

Alstom cares for training and wants to foster sharing of best practices, developing networking and continue to grow knowledge within the organization.