How to be part of the Alstom Alliance

We welcome applications from suppliers who consistently demonstrate best-in-class provision of goods that allow us to deliver the very best transport solutions to our customers. 

In return for our suppliers’ world class delivery, we offer support, guidance, increased capability and growth through the Alstom Alliance. 

In order to benefit from this strategic alliance, you will need to already belong to the Alstom Supplier panel (you can apply to join on this site).

To enter the Alstom Alliance qualification process, you will work with your appointed Alstom manager to build a sound business case to justify the mutual Alstom Alliance agreement.

Formal pre-requisites

  • World-class performance in Quality, Cost and Delivery
  • Previous contracted experience within an Alstom Project which has reached the serial production phase
  • Acceptance of the Alstom Supplier Relationship Management criteria including:
    1 - Quality Charter
    2 - IRIS Certification
    3 - Supplier Product Quality Insurance
    4 - Logistic Charter
    5 - Sustainable Development Charter
  • Shared long-term strategic goals, including research and development and engineering capacity.