Alstom believes that its core values - trust, team and action - are the keys to building strong partnerships with suppliers. This collaborative spirit is vital to the ultimate satisfaction of our shared customers’ needs.

In our ongoing commitment to quality, excellence and innovation, we provide a selection of web-based tools which foster an environment to support our beliefs.

Clear, transparent communication between our organisations builds trust, while the sharing of information concerning both of our businesses optimises our mutual processes and fosters a spirit of teamwork.

Finally, our tools allow us to take immediate action on shared key objectives and priorities across the supply chain.

Enjoy faster speed to market through our streamlined online tender process tool.

ALTeS is a web-based strategic tool used to centralise and standardise communications between Alstom management and suppliers.

This streamlined management of the tender process ensures accountability and allows speedy analysis of crucial documentation in the decision making process.

Used throughout our consultation process, the program simplifies the sourcing process and accelerates our suppliers’ speed to market. ALTeS offers many advantages to suppliers, including:

  • Secured data and confidentiality
  • Traceability of exchanges
  • Knowledge base

Benefit from optimised performance and immediate communication throughout the established supply-chain.

ASCOT - Alstom Suppliers Collaborative Teamwork - offers a platform for immediate exchange of supply-chain information. Designed to improve communication with all members of our supply chain, this operational tool is used to communicate throughout the planning and execution phases of development.

The real-time exchange of a single set of data allows efficiency across the board, from saved administrative costs to reduced overstock.