Rio Madeira, Brazil

Equipping Rio Madeira, Brazil – supporting the country’s power generation needs 

Fuel Total output Customer    
Hydro2,137 MW ESB & SAE
Scope of supply Turbine Type 
Turbine-generator set, auxiliary equipment bulb

Alstom is responsible for the design, site assembly supervision, commissioning supervision, and supply of hydro-electrical and hydro-mechanical equipment for two major hydropower plants on the Rio Madeira river, Brazil.

The Santo Antonio hydro power plant is being build on the Madeira river, at the state of Rondônia, the northwest of Brazil for the customer Santo Antônio Energia – SAE.

Alstom is responsible for providing 19 x 74, 8 MW bulb turbines and 22 generators (82, 25 MVA) , in addition to supplying all hydro-mechanical and lifting equipment, provided by the metallurgical facility IMMA, Brazil. The Santo Antonio plant, with the total capacity of 3 150 MW, is scheduled to start operation by 2012. 

The Jirau hydro power plant is located within 135 km. from the city of Porto Velho, at the northwest of Brazil. The plant, with a total operating capacity of  3 300 MW, is being constructed for Energia Sustentável do Brasil S.A., with an expected beginning of operation in February 2012.

Alstom will design, manufacture and provide a total of 10 x 75 MW bulb turbines, 17 generators (83, 33 MVA), as well as the 28 speed governors, monitoring systems, bus bars and surge/neutral devices. Due to the low falls and strong discharge characteristics of the Madeira river, the bulb turbines were found to be most efficient for the Santo Antonio and Jirau plants.

For both plants, most parts of the equipment, of the turbines and generators, will be manufactured and supplied by the Alstom Hydro factory at Taubaté, Brazil. However, due to the large scope of both projects and the time schedule, Alstom Brazil will receive support from other Alstom Hydro factories. The components of the turbines and the generators, as well as the runners, will be manufactured by Alstom Hydro India (Baroda), Alstom Hydro Canada (Tracy), Alstom Hydro France (Grenoble), Alstom Hydro Spain (Bilbao) and Alstom Hydro China (Tianjin).

The Rio Madeira is one of the most globally managed projects of Alstom Hydro, where efficient communication and coordination of deliveries between the factories is possible due to the global industrial capacity and presence of Alstom.