CO2 capture systems (CCS)

CCS: a competitive Clean Power solution 

Today, the power sector represents 41% of the global CO2 emissions*. With fossil fuels set to account for 60% of electricity production in 2035*, capturing the CO2 and storing it permanently underground represent an essential solution for meeting future CO2 emission reduction targets. Alongside the increased share of renewables, it will bring competitive, flexible and sustainable clean power to the future low-carbon systems.

Explaining the CCS principles

In the video below we explain our CCS technologies and the benefits they can provide.

Alstom – pioneering CO2 capture systems

Our attention focuses on three main categories of CO2 capture systems. 

Our strategy has been developed through our belief that these technologies are not only the most economically viable and sustainable solutions for our customers, but also because they can be retrofitted to an existing installed base.

Our development addresses all types of fossil-fuels: coal, gas oil. Biomass could also be an option (biomass with CCS is the sole power generation solution able to bring negative CO2 emissions).

We’re continuing our significant R&D efforts and have validated the CCS technologies at a number of pilot and validation projects around the world. 

Ready for large-scale CCS demonstration

We are now ready for CCS demonstration at large-scale with several projects in development before full CCS commercialization expected after 2020. 

Working with leading industry companies to build a cleaner futureAlstom collaborates with multiple international companies to realise the scale-up of CO2 Capture & Storage (CCS) partnering with global leaders in the energy, petrochemical and chemical sector.

Across the world, pilot and validation projects are underway to test and improve the ways we capture and store CO2. Our list of global partners includes:

American Electric Power The Dow Chemical Company Electric Power Research Institute
E.ON Schlumberger  Statoil
Total  Vattenfall We Energies

Preparing second generation CO2 capture technologies

We are also actively evaluating second generation CO2 capture technologies such as Chemical Looping Combustion (CLC) and Regenerative Calcium Cycle (RCC) which may also offer optimized solutions in the future.