GT24 and GT26 gas turbines

Delivering maximum returns through superior versatility

Suited to all gas-fired power applications, Alstom advanced-class turbines combine efficiency, performance and operational flexibility into one competitive solution – the GT24 for 60 Hz markets and the GT26 for 50 Hz.

Customers needing an extremely reliable gas turbine can count on the GT24/GT26 with its proven reliability and ability to reduce costs and boost efficiency. With 6 million fired hours and 98,000 starts, the GT24/GT26 turbine has proven to be one of the most reliable gas turbine solutions on the market. 

Why choose Alstom GT24 and GT26 gas turbines?

  • Unique sequential combustion technology, annular combustors and welded rotor design delivers both high efficiency and lower emissions
  • Online switchable operating mode increases availability and lowers maintenance costs by lengthening inspection intervals
  • Wide load range efficiency with nearly constant levels from 100% to 80% and high efficiency below 80%
  • Superior fuel versatility