KA26 combined-cycle power plant

Setting a new standard of operational flexibility

Helping you achieve higher investment returns, the new KA26, which leverages the advanced-class GT26 gas turbine, easily meets the challenges of today’s dynamically changing power markets. In addition to powering traditional base-load power generation, the KA26 solution can produce reserve power to support renewable’s increasing share of the grid.

For the first time in an advanced-class engine, the GT26 gas turbine incorporates an on-line switchable operation mode. Opt for maximum power output or choose to extend the interval between maintenance inspection by as much as 30%, increasing availability and reducing cost.

This pioneering operational flexibility allows you to balance performance against plant maintenance costs, depending on the daily needs of the grid.

Why choose Alstom?

  • More than 61% efficiency
  • Improved performance with up to 500 MW
  • Innovative sequential combustion technology
  • Provides best all-round plant efficiency over the entire load range
  • Delivers unique Low-Load Operation capability that can park the entire load on-line and remain emission compliant
  • Offers the market’s largest turn-down capability
  • Achieves a spinning reserve of more than 350 MW in 15 minutes
  • Delivers high reliability and efficiency from a proven design using welded rotors and a robust combustion system


Clean power: KA26