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Providing a broad range of technologies across major industries

The need for high efficiency solutions in industry is more prevalent than ever – customers, shareholders and business partners demand it. Alstom can help industrial plant operators with a balanced product-portfolio to suit your business.

Alstom is a leader in design, innovation, manufacture and construction of milling equipment and air quality control systems, with decades of experience providing equipment for major industries. We remain the leading supplier and innovator of pulverisers for industrial mineral operations.

Whatever your field of industry, Alstom can help you meet power demands, improve water and power cost efficiencies, reduce emissions and recover waste heat.

We cover processes for major industries, including:

  •  Aluminium: We help improve emissions control and energy efficiency and develop power plants with high security of power supply for this essential global industry.
  •  Cement: We offer customised solutions for air quality control across all production stages of the cement industry, drawing on our experience from more than 600 installations.
  •  Desalination: Alstom equipment efficiently provides power and desalinated water in integrated water and power plants.
  • District heating: Our state-of-the-art steam turbines secure heat for district heating while efficiently generating power—thereby saving energy and reducing CO2 emissions. We can show you how to benefit from our dedicated ecoHEAT™ solutions.
  • Industrial minerals: Break down all forms of industrial materials easily and effectively with a range of mills using the latest technologies and materials.
  • Iron and steel: Our steam turbines will convert your waste heat to power and controlled process steam on demand, control emissions and generate additional revenues from efficient use of waste gases for power generation. 
  • Non-ferrous metals: For more than 60 years we’ve been supplying air quality control systems to the non-ferrous metals industry, for primary smelting, primary and secondary gas treatment, particulate removal and acid gas abatement.
  • Petrochemical: With emissions regulations getting tighter, we help refineries control air emissions using a customised approach. We turn untapped waste heat resources to valuable process steam and power, thereby improving plant productivity via our heat recovery systems and steam turbine solutions.
  • Pulp and paper: Bringing over 60 years’ experience to the table, we supply steam turbines, turbogenerators and air quality control systems to the pulp and paper industry. Our smart steam turbine solutions top productivity by producing precisely controlled process steam while maximising power generation.
  • Waste to energy: Alstom steam turbines maximise income from electricity and heat production and reduce the capital costs of buildings, foundations and piping. Our gas-cleaning solutions are cost-effective and reliable in helping waste-to-energy plants control their emissions.
  • Industry services: From long-term maintenance and optimisation to consultancy and training, we offer full service support to the industrial sector.
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Alstom's Special Applications meet the power demand of aluminium industry customers.

Desalination - Al Hidd


Very competitive power and water costs thanks to Alstom efficient power plant and integrated desalination plant.


District heating

Our state-of-the-art steam turbines secure heat for district heating while efficiently generating power.

Industry Iron and Steel

Iron and steel

Our steam turbines will convert your waste heat to power.