Nuclear power

Maximise power output from all reactor types 

Some countries’ energy security is challenged by the rising demand in electricity (due to the population and economic growth) and by the growing concern for the environment protection.

Nuclear power generation is part of the solution, providing at large scale a CO2 free and reliable energy supply. Nuclear energy fits perfectly within a balanced portfolio. 

Nuclear power

Maximising the power output delivered by all reactor types thanks to efficient power conversion systems is what we do at Alstom. We have been working for 55 years in continuously improving our turbine island design and increasing the efficiency and reliability of all the main components to optimise our customers’ investment, shorten our delivery time and lower the operating and maintenance costs.

Alstom can provide equipment and expertise – within your timeframe and budget. We already equip 30% of the world’s nuclear power plants with our reliable turbine generator sets. Our equipment is currently in 40% of today’s nuclear plants.

Nuclear plant

Turbine islands

Alstom is the world’s number one supplier of nuclear steam turbine generators.

Nuclear turbines

Steam turbines

Alstom’s nuclear power conversion solutions are based on its ARABELLE™ steam turbine technology platform.

Nuclear - Services


Alstom is the number one provider of services for the nuclear conventional island.

Nuclear turbogenerators


Alstom is the world's most experienced turbogenerator supplier for nuclear applications since the 1960's.