Nuclear power

CO2-free energy, powerful performance  

With competition increasing in the power market, it’s important to invest in hardware you can rely on. Alstom’s market share speaks for itself: 30% of all nuclear power plants worldwide run with Alstom turbine generator sets. 

Nuclear power

Benefit from…

  • Custom solutions: whether you need a sole turbine-generator package or a complete turbine island, we can build and install according to your needs
  • Global experience: Alstom operates in 70 countries worldwide – benefit from our accumulated learning
  • Cutting-edge R&D: our research teams work continually to improve output and reduce risk

Nuclear plant

Turbine islands

Alstom is the world’s number one supplier of nuclear steam turbine generators.

Nuclear turbines

Steam turbines

Alstom’s nuclear power conversion solutions are based on its ARABELLE™ steam turbine technology platform.

Nuclear - Services


Alstom is the number one provider of services for the nuclear conventional island.

Nuclear turbogenerators


Alstom is the world's most experienced turbogenerator supplier for nuclear applications since the 1960's.