Condensers for nuclear power plants

An optimal solution is defined for each project according to the power station and site specifications

As an essential element of any power station the surface condenser, which acts as an interface between the water steam cycle and the environment, is a heat exchanger fed with steam from the low-pressure exhaust of the turbine and cooled by the water available on the site.

Optimisation studies resulting from theoretical and experimental study, field tests and feedback from operation enable us to guarantee the high performance and reliability of Alstom condensing plants.

In the field of condensers, Alstom responsibility covers the whole supply, from design to commissioning.

This requires the mastering of thermal and mechanical design, manufacture, transport and erection, and after-sales service of equipment in the field.

Key benefits

The performance of a turbine condenser has significant impact on the overall efficiency and power output of a power plant.

  • Alstom provides optimum solutions taking into account both, a high-performance tube bundle layout and an overall compact condenser design.
  • Worlds leading supplier in surface condensers with over 1000 references of condensers installed.
  • Excellent removal of non-condensables (air) ensures high heat transfer rates
  • Extremely low oxygen content of the condensate in the hotwell due to good degassing characteristics.
  • No subcooling of the condensate in the hotwell.
  • Uniform and low energetic distribution of the bypass steam via steam dump devices
  • High condenser tightness on both steam and water sides.
  • Proven and well accepted in-house thermal design software based on detailed condenser performance testing.
  • Up-to-date CAD tools are used to facilitate optimal condenser solutions in modular design, particularly for large condenser retrofits.
  • Good accessibility for inspections, maintenance-free except replacement of the sacrificial anodes on the cooling water side
  • Our condensers are manufactured to our specifications, under our supervision and with our assistance in the workshops of carefully selected subcontractors or partners with experience in more than 30 countries all over the world.