Turbine islands for nuclear power plants

Proven design and ultimate reliability from the world leader in turbine islands

As a leader in the design, integration, construction and commissioning of turbine islands, Alstom offers customers a deep understanding of every component on the island.

Our specific modular turbine island design and 4D scheduling programme optimise delivery time and customer investment. 

Why choose Alstom turbine islands?

  • We are the world leader with 115 GW of nuclear power in operation
  • Today 40% of nuclear power plants rely on Alstom equipment
  • Retrofit experience to deliver additional MWs
  • Large-scale project management expertise
  • Alstom turbine islands are built to offer easy maintenance
  • Worldwide support and maintenance services for the entire plant lifetime
  • We can engineer the turbine island for any type of nuclear reactor (PWR, BWR, PHWR, etc.)

Clean power: nuclear turbine island