Turbine islands for nuclear power plants

We’re the world’s number 1 supplier of nuclear steam turbine generators  

Alstom turbine generator sets are used in 30% of the world’s nuclear power plants.

We design the turbine island to get more electrical power from the thermal power given by the nuclear reactor. 

What we offer 

  • A standardised and reliable design
  • Smooth integration with your existing plant thanks to decades of experience in retro-fitting systems
  • Easy maintenance
  • Very low personnel occupancy in BWR stations

Why Alstom? 

  • 100 years of experience in the power sector
  • Global reach and worldwide availability
  • Extensive support and maintenance services available
  • We’re one of the few companies able to fully engineer the conventional island for any type of nuclear reactor

We’ve been tasked with supplying the turbine island for the world’s largest nuclear power plant, Flamanville 3 (France).

We also supplied the world four largest steam turbines currently in operation, running in EDF plants in France and boasting a 99.96% reliability rate over more than 10 years. 

We’re a historical partner and leading supplier for the Chinese nuclear programme, supplying turbine-generator packages to several new power plants.

Clean power: nuclear turbine island