Hydro generators

World number one in hydro generators

Because hydro power is dependent on individual dam site conditions, technical and operational requirements differ from plant to plant.

That's why our hydro generators are tailor-made for every project.

All our products incorporate unique Alstom design features.

They are recognised in the industry for their high levels of performance, quality and reliability.

To ensure our equipment's optimum performance, we use proven, standardised Alstom designs and tools.

These are subject to continuous improvement at our dedicated generator Global Technology Centre in Birr, Switzerland.

This center brings together specialists from different countries and areas of generator design.

Particular fields of interest are electricity, advanced mechanical design, cooling and ventilation, IT tools, insulation technology and new materials.

For example, pumped storage plants (PSP) and variable-speed PSPs are key technologies helping countries reach their CO2 reduction targets. Our leading position in the PSP market has enabled us to take on technical advanced projects such as variable speed and double-stage projects.

We have 56 GW of turbines and generators for pumped hydro storage plants.We are currently developing worldwide 6 GW of PSP projects including 3 GW of Variable Speed PSP projects.