Onshore wind turbines

Reliable performance, proven technology

To make sure energy production is optimised, we offer a wide range of onshore wind turbines providing solutions for most geographical and weather conditions, with climate kits for operation in deserts or very cold environments to improve performance and reliability.  

Plus, customers can get the benefit of our operations and maintenance services, wherever they are.

A flexible offering:

POWEROF3™ : one product, three rotor diameters, optimised output

This innovative concept allows project developers to combine two or three wind turbines of the ECO 100 range (ECO 100, ECO 110 and ECO 122) within the same site, according to the specific wind conditions found in the different positions of the wind farm. This approach ultimately increases the capacity factor of the project by up to 20% :

  • applicable to 3 wind classes
  • optimise the cost of energy
  • increase the annual energy production of the wind farm:capacity factor of a wind farm can be increased by up to 20%
  • common spare parts, standardised operation and maintenance procedures for the whole site thanks to product platforming lower cost of energy