In this section you will find Alstom brochures, featuring in depth information about our power generation and industry solutions, products and projects worldwide.

Haliade™ 150-6MW offshore wind turbine


Offshore wind power: building upon its proven Alstom Pure Torque® technology for drive train reliability, Alstom has developed an offshore 6 MW direct drive wind turbine suitable for all offshore conditions.

ECO 100 wind turbine platform


Wind power: with rotor diameters up to 122-metres, the ECO 100 range of wind turbines offer high yield and leading efficiency across all wind classes.

Wind farm and wind turbine references


Alstom has installed or is installing more than 2,500 wind turbines in over 150 wind farms with a total capacity of nearly 3,800 MW.

Haliade 150-6MW offshore wind turbine - wallchart


Built upon Alstom Pure Torque® proven technology for drive train reliability, Alstom has developed a new generation, 6 MW direct drive offshore wind turbine

ECO 100 onshore wind turbine - wallchart


With a nominal power that varies from 2.7 MW to 3 MW, a wind turbine built on the ECO 100 Platform can supply electric power for up to 2,000 households and eliminate the emission of 7,000 metric tons of CO2 annually

Muukko (Finland) ECO 110 wind farm


Alstom's first Nordic contract of ECO 110 wind turbines

Senkoy (Turkey) ECO 100 wind farm


Alstom's proven ECO 100 wind turbine platform powering the booming Turkish market

ECO 80 wind turbine platform


Wind power: rated at 1.67 MW, the ECO 80 is a proven wind turbine platform that is ideal for all large-scale wind farms with medium and low winds.

WindAccess™ SCADA control system for onshore and offshore wind applications


Building on 30 years of wind turbine experience, WindAccess™ is an open, modular and comprehensive tool for monitoring and controlling onshore and offshore wind farms.

Whitelee (UK) 217MW wind farm


Alstom will install 69 ECO 100 wind turbines, each with an output of 3 MW, and six ECO 74 wind turbines, each with an output of 1.67 MW.