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A quick course in French. - With good knowledge in French and in English, as you have, you will go far in your future work life.


The visit was arranged after a request from their teacher in French. French speaking employees at Alstom held the entire visit in French.
Jean-Louis Lapointe was one of the persons receiving the pupils.
- Do you know what the electricity comes from? he asked them, and succeed in getting some suggestions.
After an explaination how a power plant workd, the pupils had the opportunity to, in sometimes a bit shaky French, suggest energy sources, and they were also given examples of different ways to exploit those sources in order to generate energy.
The pupils were pleased with their visit afterwards.
- Today we miss a good link to the school, says Jean-Louis. The linkage to both the primary school and the Swedish ’gymnasium’ is very important. For us because we need good work resources, and for the pupils to get an idea of what it means to work, when that becomes a reality sometimes in the future.