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Alstom committed to deliver carbon capture technology to meet the European Union’s CO2 emissions reduction targets


Alstom welcomes the EU Climate Change & Energy Package and, as the supplier of equipment used in 25% of the world's power plants, is committed to playing its part in delivering cleaner power generation both in Europe and on a global scale.

Alstom is ready for the challenge of carbon capture and storage in the power sector. Leveraging its knowledge in combustion of fossil fuels, boilers and air quality control systems, Alstom is currently partnering with major utilities to develop and test its carbon capture technologies in several pilot plants allowing it to propose a viable option in line with Chris Davies's proposal.

Alstom’s target is to offer CO2 capture technologies commercially from 2015 but, like other early-mover commercial scale projects, carbon capture and storage - CCS - will need the appropriate regulatory and financial framework to ensure a speedy ramp-up of the technology and large commercial use.

Setting a date for mandating the fitting of CCS to fossil-fuel generation could be a good first step in commercialising this technology:

  • it will send a clear signal to markets to encourage investment in a range of CCS technologies; and
  • it will establish a level playing field to remove some of the risks associated with developing new technologies at commercial scale.

Alstom wants to underline that the fight against CO2 emissions in fossil-fuel power generation should be global and measures to reduce CO2 emissions should be deployed fairly worldwide. If this is not the case, appropriate measures should be taken to ensure that European energy intensive activities do not face international competitive disadvantages.

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