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Alstom finalises a contract worth 90 million euros for the supply of the Rabat tramway


This signature confirms the award of the contract to Alstom by the AAVB announced in October 2007. Alstom will also be responsible for training the teams responsible for managing and maintaining the tramways. The project will be supported by funding from the French Ministry of the Economy, Finance and Employment.

The contract also provides an option for a further sum of 45 million euros for the supply of 8 additional two-trainset trams, maintenance of the fleet for a period of 5 years and a stock of replacement parts.

Delivery of the Citadis trainsets is due to start in the first half of 2010, continuing until the end of 2011 at a rate of three trams per month. The commercial commissioning of the network is scheduled for 2010. The project involves the construction of two additional tramway lines.

Equipped with an integral low floor, each tram will be able carry up to 500 passengers and will operate at a speed of 70 km/h. They will run on the two lines of the network linking the town centres of Rabat and Salé and serving the main business areas. Measuring 19 km in total and with a shared track section at the Bouregreg River crossing, this network will include 39 stations. With trams running every 8 minutes, it will be able to transport more than 172,000 passengers a day (51 million per year).

The creation of the future tramway network is part of a major development programme for the Bouregreg valley (wadi separating Rabat from the neighbouring town of Salé), launched by His Majesty King Mohammed VI in January 2006. Covering a total area of around 6000 hectares, the aim of the development of the Bouregreg valley is to regenerate the site and promote the area in accordance with strict environmental criteria. The tramway will considerably reduce traffic congestion between Rabat and Salé, faced by the 650,000 people who drive between the two cities each day.

Present in Morocco for more than 40 years, Alstom is one of the leading suppliers to the Office National des Chemins de Fer Marocain (Moroccan National Railways - ONCF) for rolling stock and signalling.

To date, over 1,140 Citadis have been ordered by 28 cities across the world and more than 60 other cities have a tramway project scheduled for the next few years. This type of modern tramway is becoming a must in urban transport policy because they make it possible to offer sustainable mobility, to rethink and re-energize urban space, to preserve architectural heritage and contribute to city growth.

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