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Six million kilometers for the first wireless tramway in the world


The Communauté Urbaine de Bordeaux (CUB), which transports around 200,000 passengers on its three tram lines every day, was the first metropolitan area in the world to opt for this technology on 14 of the network’s 44 kilometres. The APS availability rate on the three lines is over 99%. Angers, Reims and Orléans subsequently chose APS technology in 2006, followed by Dubai in 2008.

APS is a totally innovative solution and is exclusive to Alstom. It is a power supply system without overhead lines that enables the tram to travel “wirelessly” over any distance, ensuring it blends seamlessly into the urban environment. The tram is supplied with power via a rail embedded in the track. The energy transmitted is then captured by two collector slippers located at the centre of the tramset. To ensure total safety for pedestrians, the charging of the conductor segments is only triggered when they are covered by the tram. In addition to giving an identical performance to that of a conventional tram, for example in terms of speed, the APS system also preserves the urban environment and the heritage of historic city centres. It is a relevant solution to cross zones that might not otherwise have been accessible. It is also compatible with a variety of ground coverings and is easy to extend for the development of a line or network.

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