2 nd Annual GridWise Global Forum – Washington DC


This international forum gathering of policy and corporate leaders, technology innovators, legislators, regulators, consumer and environmental advocates will convene to deliver on the promise of a Smart Grid.

Laurent Schmitt
Join us to interact with Laurent Schmitt, Vice-President Smart Grid Solutions.
Laurent Schmitt will be presenting Alstom's positioning on smart grid technologies and industry vision at the Summit

Session Title
: The Technology Horizon: Future Trends and Potential Disruptions 

    Date: Wednesday, November 9, 2011 

    Time: 8:30 - 10:00 AM 

    Role: Panel Participant

Session Abstract: As our vision for the modern grid unfolds, technology development and innovation will continue to be a key driver. Predicting how and when various technologies will impact the evolution of the smart grid is difficult; understanding what technologies will engage consumers is difficult; and understanding the potential for disruptive change is critical for setting the context for other key issues.

Disruptive change leads to new conceptual models that transform markets and institutions. What new technologies are most likely to impact the design and operation of the grid over the next 20 years? What technologies will engage consumers and change behavior?

What new solutions are needed to support Plug-in Hybrid Electric vehicles (PHEVs), distributed storage, and smart appliances? What are the keys to harmonizing the integration of all these new technologies? Chief Technology and Chief Strategy Officers from leading utilities and technology companies will discuss technology trends, strategic planning consumer involvement, and R&D programs that can unlock the full potential of new technologies on the grid.

Where to find us? Ronald Reagan Building and International Trade Center
1300 Pensylvania Avenue, NW
Wahsington DC 20004