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Alstom Grid to sponsor the APEx conference in Rio de Janeiro (Brazil) on October 25-26th | Alstom Grid


On October 25th and 26th in Rio de Janeiro (Brazil), Alstom Grid will sponsor and participate in the 2011 edition of the APEx Conference, gathering experts and senior managers from the electricity and power markets worldwide, to exchange on the latest developments and technologies in electricity market operations worldwide. This conference will be the opportunity for major electricity market players to discuss topics such as renewable sources integration, smart grid and demand response and their impacts on electricity market operations.
Alstom Grid, as a technology leader on smart grid technologies and transactional systems for smart electricity markets, will intervene as Gold sponsor of the event. Eric Goutard, Alstom expert on Smart Grid and Market Management Systems, will present the latest developments in scheduling and dispatch and the impact of demand response on electricity markets management.