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Alstom Grid promotes Smart Grid applications in North America and Europe at the Grid 20/20 Forum in Washington DC



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On November, 29th and 30th took place in Washington DC the 2011 edition of the Grid 20/20 Forum – Focusing on Markets Symposium. This event, organized by PJM(1), one of Alstom Grid’s main customers and strategic partners in the United States, brought together a distinguished panel of industry experts, thought leaders and grid specialists to discuss ways to advance the integration of electricity markets. 

Laurent Schmitt, Vice-President Smart Grid Solutions at Alstom Grid and Alstom’s main spokesperson on smart grid technologies, participated in the international panel “Managing Grid Operations”. He presented Alstom’s Smart Grid initiatives in researching and testing city energy and transportation management systems, illustrated by several Smart Grid projects underway in Europe and the US. Alstom’s presentation focused in particular on the Grid - balancing between microgrids and city clusters, as well as the evolution of the grid towards hybrid AC/DC systems. 

This event was yet another opportunity for Alstom Grid to reaffirm its commitment and present its projects for Smart Grid deployment, in particular in the North American and European markets. 

Click HERE to access the Grid 20/20 Forum website. 

(1)PJM Interconnection ensures the reliability of the high voltage electric power system serving 58 million people in US. PJM coordinates and directs the operations of the region’s transmission grid, administers a competitive wholesale electricity market; and plans regional transmission expansion improvements to maintain grid reliability and relieve congestion.