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During the first quarter 2011/12, the rebound of Alstom’s orders is confirmed


From 1 April to 30 June 2011, orders booked by Alstom amounted to €5 billion, up 44% (+34% excluding Grid) compared to the same period last year. Sales, at €4.5 billion, were down 12% (-23% excluding Grid), reflecting the low level of orders taken during the economic downturn.

The newly created Sectors1, Thermal Power and Renewable Power, received orders of respectively €2.8 billion and €0.3 billion during the first quarter, with successes across all technologies: gas, coal and renewables. Transport only booked small and medium-sized projects for €1 billion. Grid’s orders reached €0.9 billion. The geographical shift of orders towards emerging markets observed over the past semester is confirmed during the first quarter; these countries represented 63% of the total contracts booked.

During the first quarter 2011/12, sales strongly declined in Power Thermal and Transport versus the first quarter 2010/11 and reached a low point as a consequence of the past order evolution.

The total backlog stood at €47 billion on 30 June 2011; it represented 28 months of sales.

”The satisfactory level of bookings over the first quarter as well as the awards of orders not yet registered are confirming the recovery in demand experienced during the second half of last year; the rebound remains driven by emerging countries particularly in power generation. Book-to-bill was above 1 for the third consecutive quarter. As anticipated, sales are declining, impacted by the low level of orders taken during the challenging times. They should gradually recover over the year”, said Patrick Kron, Chairman & Chief Executive Officer of Alstom.

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