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Alstom delivers its 100th Regio Citadis


The 18th and final Regio Citadis Randstad train for the city of The Hague (Netherlands) wre delivered this summer, less than six months after the delivery of the first train. 

“The Reichshoffen Regio Citadis trains are the benchmarks for quality” praised Fred Ruijssenaars, representative of the operator HTM, in charge of receiving the trains. 

The Regio Citadis Ranstad is a three-carriage regional module of the tram-train designed for the client HTM Personenveroer NV. 62 Regio Citadis trains have been delivered to the client. The initial contract signed in 2004 was for the supply of 54 trains. In March 2009, the customer exercised an option for 18 additional trains, produced at the Reichshoffen site. 

Combining these contracts with the 28 Regio Citadis trains ordered by Kassel (Germany), a total of 100 Regio Citadis have been supplied by Alstom.