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Alstom talks HVDC at ACDC conference, continues campaign to fill positions at Stafford centre of excellence


Alstom experts will be giving three lectures about the future of High Voltage Direct Current (HVDC) at the 10th International Conference on ACD and DC Power Transmission in Birmingham. The conference runs between December 4 and 6 and will feature presentations from Carl Barker, Chief Engineer for DC Grids, and Bob Whitehouse, Senior Principal Engineer, on key HVDC issues.

The papers cover alternative approaches to HVDC grid protection, a current flow controller for use in HVDC grids and further developments in autonomous converter control in a multi-terminal HVDC system.

Some of the conclusions from the papers include the importance of speed in the implementation of DC circuit breaking technologies in HVDC Grids or Supergrids, and the benefits of using a Current Flow Controller to enhance control of current around a DC grid.

In Stafford, Alstom operates its centre HVDC centre of excellence which designs and delivers systems for use across the world. It is the only HVDC facility that can offer R&D, test facilities, laboratories, and design and manufacturing capabilities, including the only Voltage Source Converter (VSC) Demonstrator in the UK.

The company is currently recruiting engineering staff at all levels to strengthen the HVDC team. HVDC is one of the best ways to integrate renewable technologies into the UK grid and offers attractive careers for young graduates and senior engineers in an international and technically challenging environment.

Recent HVDC contract wins include the creation of an ‘energy highway’ to connect the power stations of Champa in the East of India to Khurukshetra in the North, via a 1,365 km transmission line using 800 kV UHVDC technology, which will involve Alstom teams from Stafford; Paris, France; Noida, Hosur, Padappai, Pallavaram and Vadodara, India. In January 2012, Alstom was awarded the South West Link contract by Svenska-Kraftnatt for a 1440 MW VSC bi-pole link from Central to Southern Sweden.