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Alstom at CERA Week 2012


The Energy Landscape is Changing


It has been an exciting week in Houston! Global energy executives, policy makers and thought leaders held important discussions on the future of the energy industry against the backdrop of security and the future of economic growth. Throughout the week, debates moved from policies and strategies to emerging economies and market structures.

Earlier in the week, Alstom Chairman and CEO Patrick Kron offered his thoughts on the global natural gas market during an interview with CNBC's Sharon Epperson:

Alstom’s participation in CERAWeek revolved around the company’s expertise in all things power – fromgeneration technologies to transmission equipment and systems that play a vital role in powering homes and businesses the world over.

To all our customers who spent a few minutes with us during the event, and to all the experts who shared their invaluable knowledge throughout the week, thank you!

We look forward to seeing all of you back in Houston for CERAWeek 2013.

Alstom...We are shaping the future.

Alstom CEO Patrick Kron offers more insights on the natural gas market in a chat with IHS CERA Chief Energy Strategist David Hobbs


Good afternoon from Houston!

Day two of Alstom’s CERAWeek program included multiple presentations from senior executives and subject matter experts. Check out the video interviews after each presentation update for more detailed insights and commentary. 

Alstom’s Philippe Cochet, Executive Vice President and President of Alstom Thermal Power, outlined the company’s Clean Powerstrategy for meeting global needs for electricity in a sustainable manner. Cochet stressed the need for a multi-technology approach to generating electricity built around:

  • CO2-free and next generation renewable energy sources
  • Improving the efficiency of existing power plants
  • De-carbonizing fossil power generation with CCS

Renewable energy was topic #1 for Denis Cochet, Alstom’s Senior Vice President of Thermal Renewables. His presentation elaborated on the projected growth renewables will experience over the next decade. 

Although hydropower is the most mature of all renewable technologies, emerging renewables such asoffshore windsolar and ocean energy are rapidly evolving and transforming the landscape of power generation options. Developers and technology providers are increasingly considering hybrid renewable strategies to reduce the cost of electricity and increase the efficiency of energy conversion, putting renewables on the fast track to growth.

Robert Gleitz, Vice President Product, Platform Management was on stage during an Asian Power Insight Breakfast where he explored the intricate balance between meeting the energy needs of Asia’s growing urban areas and ensuring sustainability to meet environmental protection targets.

Dr. Lawrence Jones, Alstom Grid’s Vice President for Regulatory Affairs, Policy & Industrial Relations capped off our second day at CERAWeek by pointing out the challenges of integrating a growing share of renewable energy into global power grids. Jones shared insights and best practices from a first-of-its-kind study for the U.S. Department of Energy that identified five categories of recommendations vital to preparing the grid for a cleaner energy future.


Alstom today launched its official participation in CERAWeek 2012 as CEO Patrick Kronaddressed the future role of natural gas in power generation during the day’s opening plenary session. Mr. Kron emphasized that industry and governments must work together to establish clear and consistent long-term policies intended to deliver affordable, reliable and clean power to all. 

As renewable energy sources supported by natural gas-fired plants provide a larger share of the world’s electricity, Kron restated Alstom’s focus on evolving its technology portfolio and providing customers with maximum flexibility to harness energy from the sun, the wind, water, natural gas and the full range of other sources.

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