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Alstom to strengthen its manufacturing capabilities in India


Vadodara, in the state of Gujarat, is a centre of excellence both for hydro power generation and power transmission as well as underline Alstom’s commitment to India’s long-term economic growth. One of the highlights of Mr. Kron’s visit to Vadodara was the successful installation and commissioning of two new super heavy machines which holds immense importance with regards to Indian hydro market requirements.

Two high capacity machines - 150T Heavy Boring Machine & 250T Heavy Vertical Turning Lath, have been successfully installed and commissioned, aimed at increasing capacity and improving operational efficiency. These super heavy machines, with their state-of-the-art technology and large operational range, are equipped to take all the major load of hydro products like distributors, runners, shafts, brackets and rotor spiders. While the Heavy Boring Machine can handle jobs of 150 tonne weight and 9 metre diameter on rotary table, the VTL Heavy Vertical Turning Lath can handle jobs of 250 tonne weight and 10 metre diameter.

The machines would be in operation from February 2012 onwards. With their installation, the Alstom Hydro Unit at Vadodara would be able to cater to upcoming projects with best solutions of high-precision milling, drilling, boring and turning of large heavy work pieces thereby strengthening the capability of Indian manufacturing to world class scale and standards for this extremely important sector of hydro electricity.

The addition of new machines to the hydro manufacturing facility significantly increases Alstom’s production capacity and improves the overall flow of the production processes. The expansion was fueled by the continued growth Alstom Hydro unit has witnessed in recent years. This facility will continue to play a vital role in addressing the increased demand for reliable, clean and affordable energy right here in the India and around the world. 

So far, Alstom’s Hydro facility in Vadodara has supplied major hydro power generation equipment for a total installed capacity of 4 GW for various projects in India and abroad. With the company’s expanded production capabilities, Alstom’s Hydro manufacturing unit in Vadodara expects to ramp up exports to more than 30% annually to markets all over the world. This move follows an investment completed last year to build Alstom’s most advanced bearing production facility. So far two-third of the factory’s existing capacity caters to the India region while one-third of the capacity caters to export markets.

Alstom is the world's leading hydro power equipment supplier and service provider.

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